Hi, my name is Chad, Owner of CS Computer Repair. I started our
company (CS PC Repair) in 2006. 

Upon building several websites for local businesses we found the need to start our own web hosting service. We decided to call it Pro Star Planet.
Pro Star has now grown to secure many websites in Marshall County and surrounding areas.

I.T. Maintenance Contracts for Local Businesses, Computer & Laptop Repair, Custom Computer Builds and Website Design-Hosting & S.E.O. 
Not only do we maintain local I.T. contracts within Arab and surrounding businesses. But we also build, maintain, and advertise their websites.

I strategically design all of our websites with success in mind, key details that enable you to maintain an effective site with an effective marketing plan.

I'm not only thinking of you, but my company as well. We are not a "Go Daddy" or "Host Gator", but we are a small business trying to make it in a HUGE corporate ran internet world. Being a small local business, we can be more hands on and reachable.  

CS Computer Repair
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization is done on a regular basis. Either once per month, Every other Weekend or Every Weekend. We monitor your “likes” and “reviews”
  • LINKS - Pro Star Planet has hundreds of high ranking websites that link to yours. This makes the Search Engines see how popular you are and help move you to the top.
  • CONTENT - Your content must change or get updated to not become stale. Content that has been updated or changed on your website lets the spiders know that you site is up to date. 
  • SPEED - We do not use or host Slow WordPress built sites and only use standardized PHP for speed and security. This might get some hate, but Word Press is known for being laggy and a slow. And we don’t want that back button pressed.
  • SECURITY - http(s) or SSL website encryption. Pro Star takes care of your SSL along with your domain registration yearly. Encryption shows a lock in the address bar making your users feel safe while on your site and is now a requirement to get ranked.
  • KEYWORDS - Keywords are not used as much as they once were. Search engines are now smart and can absorb your entire site, finding the most relevant words you use. We combine the use of both methods.
CS Computer Repair Website Design CS Computer Repair Website Design

Local Website Design

Unlike most web firms, we’re not based overseas. All of our websites are made in the USA. In fact, we hand-craft every site right here in Arab, AL.

Your dedicated and experienced project manager will walk with you step by step to ensure we build the website of your dreams.

We encourage you to see for yourself. Just pick up the phone, call us, and talk to the actual person that will be making your company known! Check out our portfolio link at the top of this page. 
Website Design Services

Up to date Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, and PHP are the beginning of our base website techniques. With a simple paypal account, we can set you up with an online store to sell a few items.

CS Computer Repair

Sometimes.... You just have to know the code.

Developing the website, building the graphics, taking the photo's and grinding out the code... these are all things I enjoy.. It's like building a jigsaw puzzle. When it's done, it's beautiful.

Modern Technologies

HTML5, CSS3, and PHP are only the beginning of our base website techniques. With a simple paypal account, we can also set you up with an online store to sell a few items.


Reducing the webpage load time increases your sales chance. If a page takes too long to load, people tend to simply click BACK.

Design and Hosting

BUILD - We build it!
HOST - We host it!
ADVERTISE - We handle the S.E.O.
MAINTAIN - Free Updates

CS Computer Repair

Virus and Malware

Have Computer Problems? Let us help you out.
[CS Computer Repair]

We fix everything from broken screens on laptops to replacing hard drives. We have a 95 percent retrieval record on saving your data. If it can spin up, we can save what is there.

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Chad Sanders owner of
CS Computer Repair
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