Our Services

New Installs

Handley Overhead Door offers affordable installs for all of north Alabama. We will work diligently to find the right door for you with a no hassle sales approach.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates to potential customers. Just call and we'll come out, thoroughly inspect your door opening and deliver a final quote in a timely manner.

Repair Service

Garage doors break but don't let them break your bank account. Call Handley Overhead Door, we'll come out and get your door operating properly without all the excessive charges and hidden fees that you may find elsewhere.


We warranty all newly installed doors for one year and all service repairs for thirty days.

Tech Support

Our world is full of tech and sometimes it misbehaves. If you encounter trouble with our products we are always willing to pick up the phone to help our customers. If we can't help you over the phone we will schedule a service call immediately.

Be Safe

Garage doors have springs and other parts that are under high amounts of pressure. Never attempt to repair any part of a garage door yourself, doing so could result in injury or death. Always contact a trained technician to service your door.

About us

A local, fully insured, fully licensed veteran owned small business with more than ten years of experience. Our goals are to provide excellent workmanship, top notch customer service and affordable garage door services to all of north Alabama.

Make your house look great!

Adding a new garage door to your home can significantly increase the aesthetic appeal and overall value of your home. We highly recommend The Overhead Door Company's quality door products. Take time to browse through the following options to get an idea of what styles you would like to discuss during our estimate process.

Modern Aluminum

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Courtyard Collection

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Signature Carriage Collection

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Carriage House

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Impression Collection

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Thermacore Collection

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Traditional Steel Collection

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Traditional Wood Collection

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Door Openers and Accessories

There are many options available when you purchase a new garage door or upgrade an existing door. Take your time to look through the brochures for our openers and accessories. If you are looking for something specific that is not listed here, please ask our representative during your door inspection appointment or contact us by telephone.

Advanced Wall Control

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Opener Accessories

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Destiny 1200

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Destiny 1500

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Legacy 850

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Odyssey 1000

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Odyssey 1200

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Standard Garage Door Opener 650

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Pricing Table

The following price list is offered here to give you a general idea about the cost for a newly installed garage door. These numbers are only an estimate and can vary greatly depending on the options selected. Adding an opener will increase the cost by $200-1000.

Basic Roll-up Models

  • very basic
  • uninsulated
  • no opener
  • no ornamentation

Standard Roll-up Models

  • better quality material
  • some insulated models
  • no opener
  • accents with some models

Solid Wood Custom Models

  • high quality wood sections
  • flush and raised panels available
  • no opener
  • accents on most models

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from current and potential customers. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We also offer emergency service in case your door is giving you trouble during unusual hours and you need help right away.

We do not have a public office at our physical address but feel free to contact us by phone or email.