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Church and Religious Facility Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial Services

Keeping High-trafficked Areas Clean

Keeping a place of worship and celebration clean should be a top priority in such a valued building located within in your community. Our primary goal at DunoMarc is to meet your needs and ensure that your church, synagogue, mosque, shrine, temple or religious facility is kept spotless and germ free. We also provide a flexible cleaning schedule that is based around your schedule, programs, and needs. 

Covid-19 Cleaning

DunoMarc Janitorial and Maintenance

Before and After Church Events

  • During events where serving food is involved, pre and post-cleanup are crucial to ensuring proper sanitation of dining tables, seating, and surrounding touch surfaces.
  • Floors also need special attention as dirt, muck, scuffs, and stains can start to wreak havoc on all kinds of flooring.
  • We have the latest and most efficient equipment to handle any type of flooring as well as all kinds of carpet. We will keep your floors cleaner then they’ve ever been.

DunoMarc Janitorial and Maintenance

Kitchen Areas and Restrooms

Harmful bacteria and germs commonly live in bathrooms and kitchens everywhere. This is especially true in venues that attract many visitors like churches, mosques, temples and all places of worship. The kitchen in your religious facility is in charge of feeding a lot of people whether for a specific event or even just your own staff. Making sure kitchen counters, sinks, tile, wood or concrete is disinfected regularly and effectively is crucial to the health and safety of anyone utilizing the space.

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Covid-19 Cleaning

DunoMarc Janitorial and Maintenance

Covid-19 Cleaning Service

DunoMarc Janitorial and Maintenance
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