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Divorce, child custody and other family law matters can be painful and difficult to deal with, but it doesn't have to be the end of a respectful relationship. With the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can redefine your existing relationships in a way that works for you and your family.
At Richard Henson Law, P.A., in Arab, Alabama, we are committed to helping clients resolve their family law issues. We offer each client an honest assessment of their options so they can make informed choices about how to proceed with their case. To schedule a consultation in Arab, contact us today. Call 256-631-6505 today.

We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional legal services to families by: 

• Educating and guiding each client through their individual legal and emotional process

• Anticipating and solving problems efficiently and creatively with respect for each client's needs through a personal team approach

• Providing a supportive environment which promotes individual and firm growth through innovation, training, education and encouragement

• Earning and maintaining the respect, confidence and goodwill of our clients, team members, colleagues, and community
• Participating in community efforts that support and strengthen families 

Attorney for Divorce, Child Custody, and Family 


Family Law / Post-Judgment Matters

Life is unpredictable, and everything is subject to change. Because the courts have an interest in making sure that children and spouses are taken care of after a divorce, agreements pertaining to child support, spousal support and parenting plans are subject to modification.



Alimony is money that is paid from one spouse to another for support and maintenance after a divorce. It can come in many forms, including a lump-sum payment, payments over a short period of time or even payments that last a lifetime. In theory, alimony is designed to help prevent one spouse from suffering a drastic change in their standard of living as a result of the divorce.

At Richard Henson Law, P.A., in Marshall County, we work closely with clients going through a divorce, helping them explore all of their options so they can make informed choices about their cases. To discuss your options with an experienced family law attorney, call 



At Richard Henson Family Law, P.A., in Arab, our goal is to ensure that the rights of people in Northern Alabama are protected during divorce proceedings. We will carefully explain the options available regarding the divorce itself and all related issues such as spousal support and child custody.

Attorney for Divorce, Child Custody, or Family

Whether you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, modifying parenting agreements, getting married or adopting a child, you are redefining an existing relationship. At Richard Henson Family Law, in Marshall County, Alabama, our lawyers believe that all relationships are worthy of respect and that it is better to devote energy to solving problems rather than pointing fingers.
We are ready to help you find a positive solution to your family law matter. To discuss your legal choices with one of our experienced family law attorneys, send us an e-mail by filling out and submitting the form below.

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