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If you can THINK it, we can WEB it!!
by CS Computer Repair of Arab Alabama

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  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization is done on a regular basis. Either once per month, Every other Weekend or Every Weekend. We monitor your “likes” and “reviews”
  • LINKS - Pro Star Planet has hundreds of high ranking websites that link to yours. This makes the Search Engines see how popular you are and help move you to the top.
  • CONTENT - Your content design must change or get updated to not become stale. Content that has been updated or changed on your website lets the spiders know that you site is up to date and constantly changing. 
  • SPEED - We do not use or host Slow WordPress designed websites and only use standardized PHP for speed and security. This might get some hate, but Word Press is known for being laggy and a slow. And we don’t want that back button pressed.
  • SECURITY - http(s) or SSL website encryption. Pro Star takes care of your SSL along with your domain registration yearly. Encryption shows a lock in the address bar making your users feel safe while on your site and is now a requirement to get ranked.
  • KEYWORDS - Keywords are not used as much as they once were. Search engines are now smart and can absorb your entire site, finding the most relevant words you use. We combine the use of both methods.
    So the design of your company website bust include wording within it to entice the spiders to come to your website, making your company stand out among your competition.

Websites that look like Fortune 500 sites
Pro Star Planet - Voted Best Website Design, SEO, and Hosting

How can this happen? We compare you to your competitors, and verify that you are providing as much detail as possible about what you offer. We take pride in the graphics used in your website going over every detail. And finally we use the latest in technology in the design of your site.


Locally Owned

When you let us design your site, we are completely hands-on. You will be able to speak directly with me (Chad). My work is performed in-house, so you get the benefit of top-notch American service without the hassle of dealing with third-party providers. That’s why we’re the best Web Design company in Marshall County.  


Creative Freedom

We take creative freedom design over the development allowing you to "Be the Director". We will update the site for you without the hassle of you having to do anything. This ensures that the updates made will be in line with the Search Engine Bots. We only ask for a tip for minor changes.
Because our sites are powered by Pro Star, you won’t be locked into using one particular provider to update or host it.


Best Support

You don’t have to fill out a support ticket to talk to us in person. Just pick up the phone and call.
Experience for yourself why we’ve become the best web design & computer repair company in Arab Alabama. We provide high-end customer service, and that’s why our clients keep coming back. 

PRO STAR PLANET Website Design & Hosting Services Since 2006

Will I be able to find my company on the search engines?

Although, many companies swindle you by advertising a free website design and charging you later for advertising or some made up number of bandwidth used…
There's always a catch. S.E.O. or Search Engine Optimization (Making sure Google, Bing and Yahoo know about you) is often where they like to charge you.
This process cannot be automated, no matter what the "wix" type companies design say. The major search engines now filter out cookie cutter type sites, threatening your business visibility.
We include submission to major search engines as a part of our design services. We want your site to gain high visibility as soon as possible, and therefore initial search engine submission is a complimentary service to all of our web design customers. 
Let us worry about the messy design details!

Website Design
Design and Hosting

BUILD - We build it!
HOST - We host it!
ADVERTISE - We handle the S.E.O.
MAINTAIN - Free Updates

CS Computer Repair Website Design Services

Virus and Malware

Have Computer Problems? Let us help you out.
[CS Computer Repair]
We fix everything from broken screens on laptops to replacing hard drives. We have a 95 percent retrieval record on saving your data. If it can spin up, we can save it.

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Chad Sanders owner of
CS Computer Repair
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