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Growing up in the North West Oklahoma Panhandle, there seemed there would never be anything of importance ever happen in my life. Every day the same, blowing dust, drought, stunted wheat crops, and life, a constant struggle just to keep going...

Dave Walters Ministries

 I graduated high school in the Spring of 1965, and made an attempt to join the Navy. I was sent home due to ruptured ear drums from ear infections while an infant. Another dream dashed to the ground by the unending hardship of living in what seemed to be the most God forsaken place on earth.

The summer of 1965 would make a devastating change in my life; unknown to me, prison loomed in the near future. I hired on with a combine crew headed to the Dakota's, and then on to Montana and Canada. In Montana, the rains came stopping the work, which in turn stopped the wages. 

Sitting in a court room in Montana, as the gavel fell, I heard; David Walters, I hereby sentence you to the term of your natural life plus twenty years in Montana State Prison, for the crimes of first degree murder and kidnapping. Six years into the future, my life was going to change once again, dramatically... 

Dave Walters Ministries

Conversion to the Christian faith, was to come through a miraculous intervention by God in my life. 1971 was to mark a new birth for me, and a call from God to preach deliverance through the gospel. I answered that call while praying beneath the main prison in Montana, in what used to be isolation cells, called “The Hole.”

Now, 47 years later, still preaching deliverance through the gospel, I move with the Holy Spirit to be obedient to the One who saved my life, Jesus Christ, the Risen, Living, Son of God.

Called to preach by the Holy Spirit, in March 1971, just three months after being saved and born again, my congregation was fellow prison inmates...

Dave Walters Ministries

 As the days and weeks turned to months and years, God worked mightily changing the lives of hundreds of convicted felons, making them productive members of society once again. Powerful Holy Ghost revivals broke out in Montana State Prison during these years, touching not only the inmates, but also the wardens, guards, and administrative personnel.

For ten years, I prayed and believed God for release from prison. Man said I would never see the outside of a prison wall as long as I lived. God had another plan.

Released from prison by executive order in August of 1981, I founded “David Walters Ministries” which was a prison mission, and evangelistic out reach...

Dave Walters Ministries

For 15 years, David Walters Ministries continued to make a difference in prisons and churches across this great Nation, America.

Believing God was calling me to change Ministries, in 1996 I moved from Arkansas to New Mexico, to plant a church for the Pentecostal Holiness Church International. During the next 4 years as the church in New Mexico grew and became an influence in the Kingdom of God, I also became involved in ministry on the internet.

Over the next 13 years, God gave me favor on the world wide web, becoming an influential Christian Minister and Mentor...

Dave Walters Ministries

In the beginning months of 2013, I became aware that once again God was changing my ministry. Moving me into another phase of on line ministry that I had some experience in through a brother at our local church who would record the services and upload them on You Tube. This ministry change was to produce my own videos, and make them available around the world.

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